Genealogical Research

In recent times people have become much more aware of family history - known as "genealogy" - and Church records are an invaluable source of information about your past. The information here should help you if you are looking for family history connected with Saint Mary's

Please be aware that genealogical research is not our main purpose, and we cannot guarantee fast results! People are not allowed direct access to our registers and records, so the more specific you can be the easier (and faster!) it will be.

Please also be aware that we cannot give out information about someone still living without their express written permission.

Our earliest registers have been scanned, and are available through the Diocesan archives: these include the following

Baptismal Registers from 0000 - 0000
Confirmation Registers from 0000 - 0000
Marriage Registers from 0000 - 0000

For information in these registers you should contact the Salford Diocesan Archives.

Saint Mary's does not have a Cemetery, and we do not possess Death Registers from any years.