Arranging A Baptism

Welcoming your child into the family of the Church

Baptism is all about belonging – belonging to the family of God, and being a part of Jesus Christ. Whether it is a newborn baby, or someone much older who decides to join the family of the Church, Baptism or Christening changes us, making us members of Jesus Christ in the Catholic Church.

Baptism is not just a matter of “getting the baby done”! Nor is it just about a family celebration or getting a place in a Catholic School. Baptism is a SACRAMENT – a meeting with God, a moment when God’s power touches and changes the one being baptised, making them a new creation, a child of God and a member of the Church. For this reason it is a serious decision for parents to make, since they promise before God and the Church to bring their child up in the faith they are choosing for them.

Arranging A Baptism Radcliffe

Parents will be expected to show some commitment to the Catholic Faith, and a willingness to deepen and develop their own practice. For this reason there is a “journey” of preparation – it is not about booking a date and turning up. For more information, read on…

No one buys a house without a lot of thought and reflection – and the same is true for buying a new car, a new job, even a new iPhone! Similarly entering into a relationship, getting married, having children – these represent major commitments in our lives, and so we do not take them lightly. How much more thought and reflection should there be in choosing a religion for our child! Christening or Baptism is not a “one-day” thing – it is about a life choice. Think for a moment about choosing a religion for yourself: you would be very aware of the consequences for your daily life. Now think the same thoughts for your child – realising that you will be responsible for your child’s religion for the next few years!

Having said that, the requirements for a child being baptised in the Catholic Church are fairly straightforward:

  • At least one parent must be a baptised Roman Catholic
  • You must be willing to bring your child up in the Catholic Church
  • You must live in the Parish​

To arrange a baptism please see Fr. Brady after Mass. A baptismal certificate for one of the parents must be provided as evidence of baptism in a Roman Catholic Church before a baptism date can be given. We welcome parents and children and by attending Masses at the weekend on Saturday at 5.30pm, Sunday at 9.00am or 10.00am which fulfil the Sunday obligation. All Catholics are OBLIGED to celebrate Mass on Sundays.