• Newsletter: Remembrance Sunday 2023

Newsletter: Remembrance Sunday 2023

Newsletter: Remembrance Sunday 2023

Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

16.30 Confessions

09.00 MASS
10.30 MASS
12.00 Baptisms

10.00 Requiem Mass for Ronald Gregory
No Coffee Morning Today

09.30 Requiem Mass for Susan Hughes
19.30 UCM Meeting

No Service In Church Today

10.00 Mass

16.30 Confessions

9.00 MASS
10.30 MASS
12.00 Baptisms

This morning at 11.00am, His Majesty the King will lay a wreath of poppies at the Cenotaph in London, on our behalf to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts. St Mary’s Radcliffe lost FIFTY men in the First World War. We will remember them.

Saturday 25th November 11am-2p.m. This week we are kindly asking for any donations of gifts, jewellery, toiletries, tombola prizes. Next week we would love to receive cakes, especially homemade cakes on the morning of the fair Thank you very much for all the kind donations already received.

At the UCM Meeting on Wednesday 15th November  7.30pm.  Julie Southworth is coming to demonstrate making Christmas crowns made from used Christmas/birthday cards.  All are welcome to take part, please bring your used greeting cards.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society are inviting all parishioners to share in the spirit of Christmas by taking part in our ‘Giving Tree’ project.  We are looking for donations of new, unwrapped gifts for children and adults of all ages, which will be distributed to needy families within the parish.  Please take a flyer from the atrium for further details as to how you can support a family in need this Christmas.

14th November from 6.00p.m-8.30a.m
16th November 8.30a.m.-6.00p.m.

Throughout the month of November the Church traditionally prays for the Holy Souls. Our beloved dead will be remembered at every Mass during November, so if you have anyone or a (list of names ) you wish to be
remembered in prayer , there are specific envelopes available in the atrium.

The month of November is traditionally a time in which we remember those who have died.  We give thanks for those who have gone before us and we look with prayer and hope to their new life in heaven and our desire to join them there one day. Caritas Salford has put together information on ways we can all share memories of those who have died. Find out more now on their website >

On the 3rd December, The First Sunday of Advent those who exercise the Ministry of Reader in our parish will be recommissioned at every Mass that weekend.

Saturday 23rd December
5.30pm Mass (4th Sunday of Advent)
Sunday 24th December
9.00am Mass (4th Sunday of Advent )
10.30am Mass (4th Sunday of Advent)
5.30pm First Mass of Christmas
Monday 25th December
10.30am Mass of Christmas



The common theme from the readings today is the importance of wisdom and preparedness in our spiritual lives. In the first reading, wisdom is described as something that doesn’t fade and is found by those who seek it. Being wise in our choices and actions allows us to live a life more aligned with God’s will. Wisdom is not just knowledge, but the ability to apply it in a way that brings peace and freedom from worry. The second reading focuses on the hope we should have regarding the afterlife. It says not to grieve without hope for the departed, for they too will rise again. This is where wisdom comes into play again; a wise person doesn’t just focus on the present but prepares for the future, including the afterlife. In the Gospel, Jesus tells the parable of the ten virgins to emphasise the need to be prepared and vigilant. The wise virgins brought extra oil, symbolizing their readiness to meet God. Like them, we must also prepare for the time when we will meet God, either at the end of our lives or at the Second Coming. Being wise and prepared helps us live a life in tune with God’s plan and assures us a place in the heavenly feast.

BAPTISMS Please see Fr. Brady after Mass if you would like your child to be baptised. A baptismal certificate for one of the parents must be provided as evidence of baptism in a Roman Catholic Church before a baptism date can be given. We welcome parents and children and by attending Masses at the weekend on Saturday at 5.30pm, Sunday at 9.00am or 10.00am which fulfil the Sunday obligation. All Catholics are OBLIGED to celebrate Mass on EVERY Sunday.

BAPTISM CERTIFICATE COPIES REQUESTS For those requesting copies of baptism certificate the office can be contacted initially and the certificate can be collected at any of the weekend Masses. This is also to encourage people to come to Mass.

SICK AND HOUSEBOUND If you know of anybody who would like Fr Brady to visit, could you please give him their name and address with postcode and a contact telephone number. Thank you.

MASS INTENTIONS AND NEWSLETTER INCLUSIONS The practice of requesting a Mass to be offered for loved ones, living or deceased, is a beautiful and wonderful part of our Catholic Tradition. Continuing this long-standing practice, you can remember someone who has died recently or many years ago. The Mass can also make beautiful gifts for any special occasion: birthdays, anniversaries, in thanksgiving for a prayer answered etc. You can offer an intention for anybody who is struggling with a serious illness or other difficulties of life. Please hand in any Mass Intentions and items for the bulletin before Thursday as the newsletter is printed on Friday Morning. There are Mass Intention Envelopes provided on the table in the Atrium. Please provide a contact number with Mass Intentions so that any discrepancies can be resolved. Thank you.

OUR LADY’S LAMP AND THE SANCTUARY LAMP: These burn for seven days. Please place any intentions in an envelope with £5 in the Mass Offerings Box in the Atrium.

PIETY STALL: There are blue and red grave side candles available, The prices are £2.25 for a large candle and £1.50 for a small candle which can be left in the cemetery to remember your loved ones and continue your prayers.

YOUR TRAVEL TO CHURCH: As the Diocese of Salford works to reach its goal of being net zero by 2038, we’re looking to find out more about


Lately Dead
Sheila Johnson, Austin Coote, Mark Rudd,
Ronald Gregory, Susan Hughes

James and Kathleen Mc Donagh,
Henry Krzyworackza, Margaret Sharrock, Catherine Bailey

Birthday Memories
Eileen Watmough

Syl Skelly, Stephen Coffey, Daniel Kahanga


This week the Sanctuary Lamp burns for:

Our Holy Father Pope Francis.

This week Our Lady’s Lamp burns for:

Justice And Peace In The World And All Victims of War.

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