Serving Others in Kindness and Goodness

Jesus taught that the second most important commandment was "to love your neighbour as yourself."

The great example given by Jesus was of selflessness - a life for others. We see this throughout his life as recorded in the Gospels, and of course in the supreme moment of his death on the cross. As he himself said "A person can have no greater love than to give up their life for their friends." We who follow Jesus are called to imitate this selflessness and goodness.

As a Catholic Parish we are called to a mission of charity: We seek to be kind people. This does not only mean supporting those in need financially (which we do through collections and appeals all year round), but also in giving our time and care to those in need in our midst. We constantly seek ways to serve and help the elderly and isolated, the sick and dying, the bereaved, the homeless, asylum seekers and refugees, and others in our community who need the healing and helping touch of Jesus.

Our commitment to service also expresses itself in moral lives - we seek to be god people. Obviously we are not perfect, and we acknowledge this - we often fail, and need the grace of God's mercy (especially in the Sacrament of Penance). As everyone does, we sometimes struggle with right and wrong, but we trust the teaching of Jesus and the guidance of the Church to help us find the right way to live. This is not always easy, and sometimes the Church's moral teaching is challenging or difficult to understand, but we journey on the path of understanding together, seeking always to find not our own will and desire, but the will and desire of God.
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