Putting into practice our care for children and vulnerable adults


In the Catholic Church we have varied ministries which provide carefully planned activities for children, young people and adults; supporting families under stress; caring for those hurt by abuse in the past; ministering to and managing those who have caused harm.
It is because of this that we need to provide a safe environment for all which promotes and supports their wellbeing. This will include carefully selecting and appointing those who work with children, young people or vulnerable adults and responding robustly where concerns arise.

The Diocese of Salford Safeguarding Commission, set up to take responsibility for the work of safeguarding, is made up of representatives from social services, the Police Public Protection Unit, members of the medical profession and clergy with a background in safeguarding procedures and implementation. The structure of the Safeguarding Commission enables and encourages processes whereby victims are always listened to and have their complaints acted upon.

Parish Safeguarding Representative (Paul Griffiths)
The Parish Representative has special responsibility for raising awareness of safeguarding aims and policies, and promoting good and safe practices in all activities involving children, young people and vulnerable adults within the parish. He is responsible to the Commission.

The Rep is the link between the parish and the wider team and as such is in regular contact with the Coordinator and her team. The Rep attends training sessions and has a sound knowledge of the policies and procedures ensuring they are implemented and consistently adhered to. The Rep is involved in the recruitment of people to roles within the parish and has the responsibility for facilitating the CRB Disclosure procedure at parish level and ensuring that everybody who is required to go through the procedure does so. The Rep promotes engaging with children and vulnerable adults within the parish whilst safeguarding all those involved.

Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator (Dawn Lundergan)
The Safeguarding Co-ordinator is appointed by the Diocesan Bishop on the advice of the Commission. Co-ordinator develops and launches the policies across the diocese bringing the Commission up to date at the same time. On behalf of the Commission the Co-ordinator ensures that the Bishop is kept up-to-date with all safeguarding matters. It is the remit of the Co-ordinator to organize the Commission meetings.
Every child, young person and vulnerable adult who comes to a church or parish activity is important. All the adults must make sure:
  • You are treated well and with respect;
  • You are listened to;
  • All reasonable action is taken to ensure you are safe.

If you are unhappy, muddled, confused, worried, hurt or frightened about anything that happens at a church or parish activity, where you live or anywhere else you go, we want to help.

The people you can tell are:
  • Somebody in your family or where you live;
  • A leader who you feel listens to you in the church / parish activity;
  • Your local Safeguarding Representative (see poster in church / parish centre);
  • The Diocesan Safeguarding Co-ordinator (see below);
  • Somebody at school;
  • Child Line / NSPCC.

You will not get into trouble at church (in the youth group etc.) for telling about something that is making you unhappy, muddled, confused, worried, hurt or frightened. It sometimes takes a lot of courage to tell.

Dawn Lundergan 0161 817 2206

NSPCC: 0800 800 500 or 42, Curtain Road, London EC2A 3NH or

NSPCC Textphone service (for deaf people): 0800 056 0566

Child Line: Freephone 0800 1111 or

Action on Elder Abuse: 0808 808 8141 or

Help the Aged: 0207 278 1114 or go to their website